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Our strengths Tekinno Others
We provide a 360-comprehensive solution
Market research A comprehensive overview on all market
Strategic direction Dịch vụ Quảng cáo Facebook Ads - ảnh từ SaoKim Branding
Brand building Dịch vụ Quảng cáo Facebook Ads - ảnh từ SaoKim Branding Dịch vụ Quảng cáo Facebook Ads - ảnh từ SaoKim Branding
Brand Implementation Dịch vụ Quảng cáo Facebook Ads - ảnh từ SaoKim Branding
Our expertise
Clients 8000+ clients in more than 100+ categories Less than100
Number of projects More than 5000+ successful campaigns 10-100 campaigns
Experience More than 5 years of experience
Our resources
Talents Experienced and talented team with solid expertise in planning and implementation skills. Less experienced team.
Deadline We commit 100% on time on all deadline Flexible deadline
Our quality
Brand safety and quality
Ensure 3-layers brand safety with guidelines to ensure project quality
100% of clients happy with the results
Copyrights and trademark
Trademark registration Dịch vụ Quảng cáo Facebook Ads - ảnh từ SaoKim Branding
Full-copyrights Dịch vụ Quảng cáo Facebook Ads - ảnh từ SaoKim Branding
Commitment on 100% KPI or refund Dịch vụ Quảng cáo Facebook Ads - ảnh từ SaoKim Branding
Client service
During project Using our exclusive tools worth more than $100k.

24/7 client service with proper response time.

Available in chat, email, or video support depending on request.

Weekly or monthly update (depending on the type of project)

Only support in chat or email

No update till the end of the campaign

After project User manual and editing support when additional requirements arise. No support
Back-up data policy Data backup with proper data policy, delete or hand-over 100% of source file based on client requests No support


Design impressive flyers & LEAFLET to help marketing campaigns achieve high efficiency

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Our professional design service process

At Tekinno, we applied professional working procedures to ensure your success



Study & research

Based on your request, Tekinno will study your brands, your products, your customers insight, competitor and map everything together.



Consulting & recommendation

After study & research, we come up with the one and only effective art and design strategy for you to start with.




Tekinno process and ask for the required material to give you the best outcome (such as logo, design guildeline, brand guideline…)



Creating Design

Process design the scope of work listed in design contract.




Sending the result for client to feedback and revise based on client’s feedback



Finalizing product

After get approval from client Tekinno process finalize product and export final file for client.



Printing (optional)

Depended on contract, Tekinno will handover 100% design file (Photoshop or Illustrator) or process printing based on request.


What is a Flyer?

A flyer is a small sheet of paper containing printed text that advertises an event, product, or service. 

Why Use Flyers for Advertising?

You may be asking yourself: Why use flyers for advertising? Flyers are considered very effective for advertising because they are easy to design, cheap to produce, and can be distributed in a large number of ways. For example, they can be handed out to individuals, left or posted in public places, sent through the mail, placed inside newspapers, etc. 

What Is a Leaflet?

Simply put, a leaflet is a small flat or folded sheet with printed matter on one or both sides. But that’s not all there is to a leaflet definition. Of course, you are wondering: what is the purpose of a leaflet?

Leaflets are used to disseminate information or to promote a product or service. They are often distributed in the form of handouts or newspaper inserts.

What Is the Difference Between a Leaflet and a Pamphlet?

It can be confusing sometimes when you think about the difference between leaflets and pamphlets because the terms are quite similar and are often used interchangeably. But there are some differences. The main points of distinction are the number of sheets used to create them, the quality, and the purpose.

A leaflet is made from a single sheet of paper, sometimes folded, whereas a pamphlet can also be made of several sheets. And while a leaflet tends to be made from cheaper, lower-quality paper, a pamphlet may use higher-quality stock.

And then there’s the purpose. A leaflet is often used for advertising or general information about a business or organisation, whereas the purpose of a pamphlet is to inform or educate people about a particular subject. As you can see, the differences are quite subtle, but they do exist. So now you know the difference between a pamphlet and a leaflet!

Best Paper For Flyers & Leaflets

170gsm or 200gsm are the most popular weight choices for high quality flyers. 155 or 195gsm nevertear flyers are ideal for a durable flyer that cannot be torn.

Silk paper is the most popular paper finish for flyers, but if you want people to look at your images gloss paper will make them more vivid. 

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